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“Camila Salcedo’s Choose your Mask (2020) partially shows the face of the users of her designed Instagram filter. Using accessible facial recognition technology and a social media app Salcedo designed a variety of masks and face shields for the user to try and “play around”. Salcedo’s original designs included a black mask that read “I can’t breathe” quoting George Floyd as a protest against police brutality and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement; the filter also offered a green bandana with the message “aborto legal ya” (legal abortion now) in support of women movements for abortions rights, raised in Latin America. Due to these messages deemed as “too violent” by Instagram, the filter had to be adapted - Salcedo had to delete the text - in order to have it running for the public.”

– Karina Roman Justo, Making Spaces (Sur Gallery) Exhibition Essay.